6 More Things I Wish I Knew BEFORE Going Raw

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Way back in early March I started posting a series of blog posts and emails around this theme — “14 Things I Wish I’d Known Before I Went Raw.”

When I came up with the original idea for the blog post I thought I’d be able to do it in just one post.

Instead there was so much detail to cover that I thought I’d turn it into three blog posts. But as I started writing it got longer and longer. From a one off blog post to a series of 5 blog posts.

What you’re getting now is Part 5 of this must read series.

And as you read below, you’ll note I’ve added a fifteenth thing I wish I knew before going on a Raw Food Diet.

I’ll also post the links to the previous blog posts in the order they came out in the P.S. area.


** 6 More Things I Wish I Knew BEFORE Going Raw **

10. Asian and Latin Markets:

The first time I attempted to go on a 100% Raw Food Diet I was getting all of my raw produce from the supermarkets. I had no idea that Asian Markets even existed or what fruity delights I could find in there.

If you’re eating raw you’re going to want to be able to eat a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. And Asian markets provide you access to produce you usually can’t get in a typical supermarket. And usually at a cheaper price.

My first exposure to the magical durian was in an Asian market. Never have I seen durian sold in any American or Canadian supermarket I’ve ever shopped in.

Although I have noticed that supermarkets these days are carrying a greater variety of tropical fruit than ever before.

So if you live in an area where there’s a large Asian community be sure to visit the local Asian market.

Another good choice for tropical fruits is Latino markets as well. They also usually carry some exotic fruit and produce not available in general supermarkets or local farmer’s markets.

11. How Many Raw Foodists Are Really Out There:

Way back in the late 1990’s I just had no idea how many raw foodists there were in New Jersey. I ASSummed that I was one of the only people trying to do it in the whole state.

Later on I formed my own raw food support group in New Jersey and was shocked to see how many raw foodists and people wanting to go raw that I ran into at the meetings.

Turns out there were many more than I knew. And even then I was only tapping into a small subsegment of all of the people in New Jersey who were either on a Raw Diet or looking for more information on it.

At the time I created a Yahoo Group to try to find more people in New Jersey who wanted to be part of a Raw Food Support group and that worked pretty well.

But then a new technology emerged and blew away the Yahoo Groups for finding like minded people.

I’ll explain that below.

12. Meetup Groups:

Wow are those meetup groups powerful. This is one of the easiest ways to get truckloads of raw food minded friends in your area.

Just go to http://www.meetup.com and try finding a local raw food group in your area.

I remember when a friend of mine started a raw food meetup group in New York City. I couldn’t believe how many members he had. It seems like people looking to find others of a like mind were all swarming on Meetup.com.

And if there isn’t already a group in your area then make up your own Meetup Group. I think you may be surprised at how you find people interested in going raw or who already are raw by starting your own meetup group.

Someone has got to lead. Once you have a group leader or organizer, then others will come out of the woodwork wanting to follow.

It’s not hard to do. And you don’t have to be an expert at all.

You can just discuss a Raw Food Book or teachings of a favorite raw food author. The point is to get out, meet and support each other.

Then once you have the group you may run into successful longterm raw foodists. And maybe you can ask them to lead some of the meetings. Eventually you’ll have a whole community of friends supporting you in nature’s diet.

It’s just much easier to eat raw when you have a number of friends who are doing it at least to a certain extent.

Of course, it’s even better when you attract experienced and successful 100% raw foodists. I’ll get more into the importance of a Raw Food mentor in number 15 further below.

13. About Nutrient and Calorie Counting Websites Like Fitday.Com and Cronometer.Com:

I wish I had phree websites like that to use in 1996. If they existed I sure as heck didn’t know about them. The Internet just wasn’t as developed back then and I had a slow dialup connection.

But had I actually tracked the number of calories I was eating, it would have explained why I was always so hungry when eating 100% raw. I was probably eating only 70 to 80% of the calories I needed to fuel my body.

No wonder I felt so weak. Yet by weight and volume I was eating way more than in my cooked food days.

But the weight of water in fruits and vegetables is not going to make you full. Water has no calories.

You need to get a similar number of calories that you used to eat in your cooked food days and this requires relearning how much in the way of fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds you should be eating.

Tracking your food consumption in sites like Fitday.com and Cronometer.com can really open your eyes to the fact that you’re almost certainly undereating if you’re new to the Raw Food Diet.

Of course, breaking down your approximate nutrient intake is quite helpful as well. Including the percentage of calories coming from proteins, fats and carbohydrates.

And in case, you didn’t know. Eating bananas really helps to meet your caloric needs well. They’re a cheap, available year round and a densely packed sources of calories.

14. That in Order to Feel Full And Satiated On a Raw Food Diet You ALSO Have To Eat a TON of GREENS:

When I first attempted going raw in 1995 after reading Professor Arnold Ehret’s “Mucusless Diet Healing System” I barely ate any greens. I couldn’t figure how to make them appetizing without adding a chemicalized, cooked food salad dressing.

So I didn’t eat much. This was my absolute first attempt at eating 100% raw. And I knew next to nothing about recipes or the Raw Food Diet in general. I had only read two of Arnlod Ehret’s books and just gave it a shot. The second book of his was on fasting called, “Rational Fasting.”

At the time I had absolutely no idea how vitally important it is to eat a TON of GREENS while eating raw.

I felt great eating this way but was craving cooked food all of the time.

Had I known how to make Savory Veggie Stews at the time, I would have quadrupled my greens intake and at the same time I wouldn’t have missed cooked food so much. Because the flavor is so good it makes you start to forget about oooked food.


If you’re still struggling with daily cooked food cravings and getting enough greens into your diet, I believe you should give Savory Veggie Stews a try.

I just recently did some telephone coaching for a Savory Veggie Stews customer and he told me that they were responsible for him being able to stay raw easily.

SVS was the missing link in his raw food journey. Before that staying raw was always a struggle for him. And now he’s been 100% raw and loving it for over a month. Being able to stay raw has totally transformed his life.

15. Why Its Vitally Imporant To Have a Raw Food Mentor:

In my early days of trying to go raw starting in 1995 and getting more serious in 1996, I did it all through book knowledge.

And early on I’d only read one raw food type book and used that for the sole basis of trying to go raw.

The problem as I was later to discover is that raw food eating is not easily learned through a book alone. There are literally hundreds of questions that come up in the mind of someone trained for a lifetime of eating meat, milk, cereal, cakes, pastries and cooked junk foods of all kinds.

Even as a vegetarian and then a vegan which I did before going raw, I had a ton of incorrect ideas when it came to nutrition. Staying successfully on the Raw Diet seemed like having to climb Mount Everest.

It was really difficult and I failed at it over 30 times from 1995 until the late summer of 2001. The longest I’d last at being 100% raw was three months. But one reason or another always brought me back to the land of cooked food eating.

I just couldn’t break into the Rawverse permanently.

It wasn’t until I became friends with an experienced 100% raw foodist and that he took me to the right raw food talks that I was able to maintain going raw.

Then my friend helped me with the many pitfalls of going raw “AS” I was experiencing them. At first my old fears jumped in right away.

But he was there to guide and correct me until I gained the 100% Raw Food Diet Mindset that he had. He helped to alleviate all of the fears that came up anytime I had any symptom of detox.

Most of the pitfalls people experience are either bad ideas implanted in our minds (many of which actually come from raw food books) and then there is detoxification and adaptation to raw eating.

We tend to blame our symptoms on the Raw Food Diet when usually we’re really just paying the price for the horrible eating and living we’ve done the rest of our lives.

An example of this is spitting up a lot of mucus after eating fruits. Well it’s not the fruit that created the mucus. That mucus was created by all of the junk you ate previously. But fruits are a great detoxifiers.

If you have excess mucus to get rid of then eating fruits are a great way of dislodging that mucus and all of the other toxins in your lymphatic system.

If you want the fast route to raw food success I believe the best method is to get the support of an experienced raw food mentor or coach.

I do provide limited 1 on 1 raw mentoring and coaching services.

You can email us at support [ at ] superbeing [ dot ] com to set up your own telephone or email consultation or monthly mentoring package.

In the very near future I plan on doing a raw group coaching session that will take you by the hand and show you EXACTLY what you need to do to make going raw as easy and joyful as possible.

I have a number of proprietary tricks to beat cooked food cravings to a pulp. Plus I can answer all of the questions and fears that come typically come up as a person is first going raw.

And of course, you’ll gain the benefit of interacting with group members. You’ll learn from their experiences as well.

And you’ll also get the benefit of accountability.

It will be a gradual process over a series of weeks with the eventual goal getting you to 100% raw. And when you do 100% raw correctly, it’s not difficult at all.

Do you think that after being 100% raw for over ten years that I’m still constantly fighting myself to stop from eating cooked food? Not in the least bit. I love my raw foods and would never want to go back to eating cooked foods on a regular basis.

I can show you how to be as comfortable with raw eating as you currently are with eating cooked food.

And it doesn’t have to take ten years or even 1 year for that matter.

Anyways, more to come on that soon. I really hope you enjoyed and benefited from this series of 5 blog posts.

Better to learn from my mistakes than to repeat them.

To Your Radiant Health, Happiness, Fitness and Infinite Power,

Roger Haeske
The Youth Restorer

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