14 Things I Wish I’d Known Before I Went Raw (Part 1 of 3)

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I was a very different person than I am now when I first started studying the Raw Food Diet.

My critical thinking was not highly developed. And of course, I had very little real world experience with raw eating.

I was easily impressed by what was written in a book,  just because it was in a book. Even if the book had little proof to back up the claims.

This happens to be the case in many if not most of the raw food books that I’ve read.

Yet it’s not like I need to have scientific studies for every last detail but just some kind of common sense proof. Not just some theory because it’s the way it should happen in nature.

Anyways, I made a LOT of mistakes in my process of learning how to go raw in a sustainable fashion.

Hopefully you can learn from them and not repeat them.

“14 Things I Wish I’d Known Before I Went Raw”

1. Raw Nonsense – Most of the major Raw Food Diet books are loaded with lots of unproven theories but treated as if they’re fact.

The amount of absolute lies and bad advice in raw food books is just incredible. In fact, even in books I recommend, you have to wade through a few wives tales if you want to avoid health problems over the long run.

I definitely need to get my own Raw Food Diet book out there to help clear up many of these health damaging myths. Please let me know in the comment section if you’d be interested in it.

Unfortunately some of the Raw Food gurus out there treat raw eating almost as if it were a religion.

And what is the God of their religion?

Answer = NATURE

What I mean is that “nature” is their God.

Should anything go against “their interpretation” of how nature should work then it just shouldn’t be done.

But what if they don’t really understand the full picture of how nature actually works? What if there are other factors – even natural factors that they’ve not considered?

And I believe that is often the case.

This is causing lots of people to fail at staying raw. Most people will fail in the early stages of going raw. But others will be raw for 3 to 7 years before they end up giving it up due to health problems and nutritional deficiencies from doing the diet incorrectly.

This legion of raw food failures is another black eye for the raw food movement. And a black eye to nature. As if there could be any other natural diet besides a Raw Food Diet.

People treat raw eating too much like a religion and don’t understand the long term consequences of their decisions. And just like it’s an absolute horror that parents are allowed to feed their children cooked food (soda, pastries, meat, milk, cheese, bread and cereals) there’s also a similar problem in the raw food community.

Parents feeding their children an unbalanced and nutrient poor version of the Raw Food Diet.

It’s really unfortunate how much garbage there is out there being passed as raw food gospel and being believed by many thousands of raw foodists.

Check out my last post to get the full details on this topic.

13 Outrageous Lies Spread by Raw Gurus

2. That some raw food leaders are not honest and well meaning.

When I first went raw I just assumed that the raw food gurus and authors out there actually cared about the health of people.

I mean, why would they even write such books if they weren’t interested in spreading the message of healthful living?

But after getting on the inside and meeting with lots of raw food gurus, I found this wasn’t always the case.

There are at least a couple of raw food “leaders” out there that I know of who from the start of their “raw” careers where intentionally deceiving their followers and customers.

And there are other raw food leaders out there who are slow to change their religious sounding raw food theories, even in the light of an abundance of evidence they’ve personally witnessed that what they’re teaching has some flaws in it.

Yes indeed, these prominent raw food teachers are deliberately withholding information from the raw public.

Why would they do this?

I don’t pretend to know all of the motivations. But one motivation is simply this.

It’s hard to change once you’ve stated your opinion emphatically in the public.

It’s very hard to admit you were wrong.

If you’ve been preaching something for years and you start to see a lot of evidence it’s not right, then maybe you have a hard time changing your stance.

On my end, I promise you, that if I find a problem, or something seems to contradict what I said in the past, that’ll I’ll change my stance. I’ll throw some egg on my own face.

My first intention is your health. Sure I want to make a living promoting the Raw Food Diet but not at the expense of telling lies and hurting the health of my readers.

I refuse to put money above your health and well being.

I could have been selling multiple varieties of supplements and superfoods for years and be making a ton more money. But my primary motivation for getting in this business was not money and never will be.

Anyways, getting back to the point…

I also believe that there are some raw food gurus out there claiming to be 100% raw, “all of the time” yet in truth they really aren’t.

It’s truly shocking the lack of honesty by some of these so called leaders.

Had I known about the intentions of some of these authors (money as their first priority, you’re health coming in somewhere well below their own enrichment) I might not have followed all of the crazy advice that was given.

In my upcoming “Superbeing VIP Club” I’m going to be giving members very detailed information which shows a preponderance of evidence of the lying going on by some of the most popular raw food gurus in the world.

When you read the information in there (and I do have supporting evidence) you’re gonna be shocked. This may be one of the biggest scandals ever in the Raw Food Movement.

And quite frankly, I can’t made it be known far a wide for my own protection. But I will reveal this specific info to the few Superbeing VIP Club members.

It’s incredible how these raw gurus could be such blatant liars. They intentionally make themselves to appear like the common man when in fact they’re shrewd schemers trying to suck the money out of your wallet with no intention of actually improving your health.

They act just like the typical politicians that says one thing and do the opposite.

In fact, some of the products these raw gurus sell will damage your health and they almost certainly know this too.

I feel so bad for the many thousands of people who have been taken in by these prominent raw food gurus. Even to this day I believe one of them is lying through his teeth in an attempt to scam more money out of his devoted though naïve followers.

Nuff said.

3. That you shouldn’t read every raw book out there to round out your knowledge.

Back when I first went raw I’d read just about every raw food book I could get my hands on.

Five years later I realized that’s why I had such a hard time staying raw.

How am I supposed to succeed at going raw when I’m following 3 completely different (and incompatible) raw food theories at the same time?

As soon as I’d run into a roadblock I’d start studying some other book and hope for answers. And then I’d start doing raw in a completely different manner.

Instead I should have stuck to one raw food theory and mastered it. But I simply had no idea what was really necessary to succeed since I had few if any successful raw foodists in my life.

To me eating raw was like trying to live life on an alien planet.

In the sense that it was so completely different to my previous way eating and living.

To succeed with going raw it really helps to get an experienced raw mentor to help you overcome the many initial hurdles.

Which leads me to my next point…

4. That the body goes through a long period of detoxification and adaptation.

When I first went raw I didn’t really understand detoxification.

I figured that if I felt worse eating raw foods it was proof that the raw food was the cause of me feeling worse.

Little did I realize it was in the removal of the cooked and poisonous junk in my body that was causing me the discomfort. Not the healthy and low toxin raw foods I was eating.

When toxins are being eliminated through the blood steam you’re not going to feel very good. And you’ll be more likely to feel cravings for cooked crap come up as well.

Yet at other times it wasn’t detoxification. Other times I was simply eating in an imbalanced way and didn’t know it.

I also didn’t realize that this was a major adjustment for the body in switching to raw foods.

Not only is there a detoxification period that can last from months to a year or more. But there’s also the fact that the body is making a major change in the kinds of fuels and building materials its using.

The change takes time. And during that time you don’t always feel your best.

The problem is that I blamed the Raw Food Diet for these problems when I was actually paying my cooked food karma so to speak.

It’s not Nature’s food that was damaging me but what I’d eaten in the past being eliminated. And this elimination process means rebuilding the whole body with raw building materials from scratch. This process ain’t gonna be over in just a week or even a month no matter who you are.

Then I’d hear friends who tried to go raw and tell me they experienced the same negative problems when they had tried going all raw.

That would totally throw me off and make me lose confidence. Maybe raw wasn’t all it was cracked up to be.

The problem is these people just tried raw eating for a short time and didn’t stick with it long enough to follow through. But since they had experienced it before me, it weighed strongly in my mind.

It was if they knew better than me. They’d talk down the Raw Food Diet. I had more than one friend tell me that.

I must have had at least 5 different friends who had tried the Raw Food Diet and failed. And they would then tell me all of the different reasons for their failure and I had experienced many of the same things in my attempts up until that time.

A common belief is that raw eating is good for cleansing purposes but for long term eating it’s just not a sustainable diet.

So I suppose all of the other animals on the planet are just detoxing themselves on raw foods their entire lives.

This is why it’s so crucial to have a raw food mentor. The fears that new raw foodists encounter are all over the place.

Their parents, friends and relatives are usually warning them that they’re doing something dangerous.

Or they tell you that you need to eat meat to be healthy. I remember hearing stuff like this from extremely unhealthy people and believing them.

A female friend of mine read one article somewhere that meat eating was necessary for long term health and that a vegetarian diet is not sustainable. And then I was foolish enough to even consider she had any right to be an expert on nutrition.

She certainly wasn’t a glowing example of health.

I laugh now at what I know.

And after 10 years of radiant health and happiness on the raw diet I can say that each and every one of these raw food naysayers in my life were absolutely WRONG.

And I’m certainly not the only one who’s had long term success.

When going raw in the early stages it’s vital to get strong support from an experienced raw foodist. Just reading raw books is not enough for 99% of raw newbies to succeed with going 100% raw.

And yes, eventually you’ll likely want to go for all raw. If you’re new it might seem like a crazy idea. To give up all of your favorite foods is a big stretch.

So you can start off very gradually at say 1/3 to 1/2 of your diet as raw. Then if you like the results you can consider increasing the percentage of raw foods in your diet.

No need to rush things. I know it seems like jumping the Grand Canyon on a motorcycle, the idea of going 100% raw when you’ve never even tried raw eating.

So just keep that in mind as  a future goal when your psychologically ready for it.

Which leads me to my next principle…

5. (Coming soon)

Stay tuned for Part 2 of this 3 part series. Plenty more great information to come.

I had to divide this into three parts because it was getting so long.

I hope you enjoyed it. Please share with your Facebook, Twitter and social media friends if you did.

Roger Haeske,
The 44-Year Old Teenager

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