13 Outrageous Lies Spread by Raw Gurus

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Before I started experimenting with the Raw Food Diet in 1995 I’d already read a number of books on nutrition. The first such book I read in 1980 at 13 years of age was called, “Rapid Healing Foods.”

Interestingly enough that book recommended that for vibrant health, most of your dinner plate should consist of raw foods.

Already at 13 I was interested in staying forever young and of not falling victim to so called old age diseases like arthritis.

However, the more books on nutrition I read, the more confused I started to get. I can’t imagine any other field of study (except possibly religion and politics) that has such vastly differing opinions and in so many different directions.

The field of mainstream nutrition is just loaded with one myth and outright lie after another.

But in truth the stuff being taught by raw gurus is more whacky than “mainstream” nutrition. The amount of outright lies, myths and nonsense is monumental in raw food books and the preachings of raw gurus.

So with all of this misinformation and widely varying opinions is it any wonder that so many people have a hard time going raw and staying raw?

Below I’ve listed 13 lies and old wives tales that are or were being taught to raw foodists as facts. I know there are many other such myths that I’ve forgotten about or that I may not have even heard about.

Please feel free to post any other raw food myths that I didn’t include in the comments section at the end of this post.

13 Outrageous Lies You’ve Been Told About the Raw Food Diet

1. Eating cooked food shrinks a man’s penis. And of course that eating raw will make a man’s penis bigger:

Personally, I’ve not noticed an increase in the size of my penis. Aw shucks.

And I’ve not met any other raw food male who told me his penis got bigger as a result of eating 100% raw.

In this case it sounds to me that the author was simply saying things his audience wanted to hear. It makes for great marketing and an increased desire to go raw.

The hell with the truth. Just say anything to get publicity and make more book sales.

Anyways, if your penis got bigger due to raw eating please be sure to brag about it in the comments section below this post. :-)

Sorry for the lack of taste here. But this was truly said in one of the most popular raw food books of all time.

2. Eating bread makes men gay. And of course, going raw will make you straight:

I know plenty of gay men who eat 100% raw. And none of them stopped being gay when they went raw.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that. :-)

Let me know if you’re a Seinfeld fan in the comments section below.

3. You can thrive on a diet of fruit alone. Or that you just need minimal quantities of greens for perfect health:

It’s incredible to me how many people are out there eating only fruit. These are the strict fruitarians.

Whereas I classify my diet as frugivorous – where most of my calories come from fruit but I certainly don’t forbid myself from eating greens of any kind.

I’ve seen many a fruitarian and low greens eater. And what do almost all of them seem to have in common?

Low mineral levels as evidenced in the extreme ridges I’ve seen in their fingernails. And as I said, this is most pronounced on the people who don’t eat a lot in the way of greens.

In children eating a fruitarian or low greens diet it results in what pediatricians call a failure to thrive. And quite frankly looking emaciated and growing at a rate well below the growth chart.

Just because a child eats a raw food diet does not mean they should look like a stick figure. Babies and young children naturally have higher levels of fat on their bodies than adults.

And it’s the case with healthy raw children as well. Though they won’t get as fat as the kids drinking formula and eating cooked food.

Our son Andrew is almost 5 years old and has eaten raw his whole life and yet he’s actually got a belly on him.

In no way does he look like a scrawny pipsqueak.

4. That “raw” chocolate has healthy nutrients in it that you can’t find in other raw foods:

Here’s some more nonsense from the raw guru profiteers. They come up with all of these reasons that raw chocolate is nutritionally superior to other plant foods. Or that it’s high in magnesium and other raw foods are not.

What a bunch of absolute BS.

Here’s a short 3-minute video on the dangers of cacao (raw or cooked) by raw foodist Dr. Tel-Oren.


And by the way… it turns out most of the cacao that was touted and sold as being raw wasn’t even raw to begin with.

Personally, I’ve bitten into the raw and unprocessed cacao seeds and they are quite bitter. You certainly have do something similar to cooking to make them even close to being pallatable.

5. That you don’t have to brush your teeth when you eat 100% raw. Or that you should only brush your teeth with water:

This’ll put you in the fast lane to the dentists office. And as if you’ve been around in the raw food movement for a while you know that many raw foodists have problems with their teeth.

Could this piece of horrible advice have something to do with it?

6. Eating more than 15% of your diet from fruit sources is dangerous:

If that’s the case then why do humans have a sweet tooth?

Why is it that a babies first taste bud that becomes active is for sweet. Of course I could write many pages on this and have in the past.

But it’s another big lie by people wanting you to fail at going raw. It would simply be impossible for me to stay raw and only eat 15% of my food sources from raw fruit.

And to make matters worse the recommendation is very unscientific. It should have been to limit your fruit eating to 15% of total calories.

Not some arbitrary number of 15% of what you eat by weight.

Turns out the author of that idea isn’t even a 100% raw foodist and he’s overweight to boot.

So don’t go taking advice or following plans to go raw from someone who doesn’t even teach about going 100% raw.

If you want to go 100% raw, then follow the advice of someone who actually is 100% raw and forget the other nonsense.

7. Eating 50% or more of your calories from fat is perfectly healthy:

So many raw food gurus get you so afraid of eating fruit that you are forced to eat gobs of fatty foods to get enough calories.

Eating 50, 60 and 70% of your calories is not healthy in my book.

It’s the Atkins version of the Raw Food Diet.

It only took me a month of eating high fat raw before I ended up having a systemic outbreak of candida albicans with rashes appearing all over my body.


8. That sea salt is vital to obtaining ideal health:

Inorganic salt is POISON to the human body. Best sources of healthy sodium comes from eating celery, tomatoes and other green leafy vegetables.

Without these salt rich foods you’d quickly get out of balance with too high a potassium to sodium ratio on the body.

For more detailed info on the dangers of all kinds of “mineral rich” salts please check out my previous blog post:

Superfood or Blood Burning Poison

By the way, if you or your children have been struggling to get more greens into your diet I suggest you check this resource out.


9. That all raw foods are nutritionally complete:

If this was true we could just thrive on eating 1 kind of food.

I doubt most people could live more than a month or two on just bananas before becoming extremely unbalanced and showing many signs of nutritional deficiencies.

Or what about a diet of 100% dates. Or imagine a diet of only kale.

Heck I can barely last through just one day of eating only fruit. After a while my body craves the minerals and savory flavors that can only be found in greens.


Though I did meet a woman who only at grapes for about 11 years. Eventually even she started adding back a few other raw foods into her diet as well.

There will always be people who can do extreme things. But you have to ask yourself, is this the norm? Will I be happy and healthy eating this way?

In most cases you won’t.

10. That you can eat 50 to 100% more calories than you need from fruit and never gain any weight:

Here’s a raw myth that’s turning gullible and inexperienced raw foodists into mega porkers.

While it’s important to get enough calories when you’re first going raw, the idea that you can’t get fat from eating fruit has been proven wrong time and time again.

I’ve seen several low fat raw foodist who eat pure diets consisting of mostly mono meal eating and they end up putting on an extra 50 pounds of fat following this absolute raw food myth.

In fact, I’m shocked to believe how many people are brainwashed to believe this without even questioning it. Even as they’re getting fatter and fatter by the day.

Even my partner Karmyn used to believe this. That’s until she started gaining weight from eating ginormous portions of fruit.

Once she saw that didn’t work she quickly changed direction.

I used to believe something similar to this myself because when I first went raw I could eat as much fruit as I wanted and I would never gain any weight whatsoever.

But I found out many years ago that this simply wasn’t true with all people. Women in particular I found were especially vulnerable to getting fat by eating too much fruit.

And as I got older I was no longer able to eat unlimited fruit and not gain weight. It seems my absorption of nutrients improved over time.

So yes, I’ve had to cut back on calories in order to remain as thin as I desire.

And keep this in mind — in-order to eat too much fruit it takes a massive effort. It’s not at all easy to do.

This is because fruit is so filled with water and fiber that most people with shrunken cooked food stomachs find it hard to actually eat enough fruit to sustain themselves when first going raw.

I have a coaching client who was force feeding herself more fruit than she wanted to eat because of the bad advice she got about how many calories she should be eating.

I’m talking a recommendation that was at least 50% more calories than she actually needed.

She would eat so much she sometimes felt like gagging. What kind of crazy raw food advice is this?

11. Calories don’t matter:

And this leads me to another super silly idea being purported by a few raw gurus.

While on the one hand some raw gurus say you can’t get fat from eating as much fruit as you want. This also means in a certain sense that they don’t think calories can make you fat if they come from raw fruit.

However, there’s a totally opposite way to look at it.

The philosophy that’s being taught is that calories are meaningless and therefore you don’t need any calories to feel satiated on a raw food diet.

No matter how many times silly raw foodists have told me this, I’ve never once seen it proven out over the long term.

Sure if you’re overweight you can eat lots of greens and very few calories and run fine for quite a while. In fact, often times overweight people who go on water fasts have plenty of energy and can continue to work.

But once you lose that excess whale blubber you won’t be able to stick to eating virtually no calories.

I had a raw friend who always argued with me that calories were unimportant.

I told him, “if calories are so unimportant then why don’t you stop eating them entirely?” All the while he was spouting off about the non importance of calories and while stuffing himself with fatty foods.

He was never able to prove his point via logic. But then again logic and critical thinking was never his strong point.

However, I do believe there are some exceptions.

For instance, there have been a few people who didn’t need to eat or drink. They’re otherwise known as breatharians.

Of course, a number of these so called breatharians have been discovered to be fakes.

But others have proven their ability on more than one occasion including HRM the sun gazer and the Catholic stigmatist Theresa Neumann.

And while I do believe that some rare people have achieved the status of being breatharian, it’s not something I teach or encourage.

Because achieving the state of breatharianism is usually the result of a spiritual transformation and that goes beyond what I try to teach here about raw food nutrition. And quite frankly, most people will not attain this state.

Unless of course, we see some major changes on the planet as I notice have been happening here in 2012.

So who knows… maybe in 2013 or 14 breatharianism will be common, but for now I’d stick to making sure I got enough calories.

12. Fruit eating causes cancer:

Did you ever hear of the Grape Cure? I had a raw foodist friend who told me his grandmother healed herself of cancer by doing the Grape Cure.

And numerous studies have shown that fruit eating actually lowers mortality from cancer.

Eat plenty of fruits and ginormous quantities of greens and you’ll have super protection against the ravages of cancer.

13. That by eating raw you’ll only need to sleep 4 hours a night:

Here’s another great one I wish were true. Sure it can happen for a few select people.

But in most cases you’re going to need to sleep 8 hours a day or so just like anyone else. I know plenty of people who eat cooked food who sleep 6 hours or less a night and feel good that way.

Yet that happens because they naturally need less sleep than other people.

However, don’t expect that by going raw you’ll all of a sudden feel like you can go from sleeping 8 hours a day to 4.

It just ain’t gonna happen.

I hope you enjoyed and benefited from this article.

To Your Radiant Health, Happiness, Fitness and Infinite Power,

Roger Haeske
The 44-Year Old Teenager

And yeah, I can spell teenager right you know. LOL

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