Sick and tired of boring salads night after night?

Want your finicky children and junk food addicted spouse to enjoy eating healthy foods?

“Here are 20 Fun, Delicious and Sneaky Ways to Get Even Finicky Eaters to Love Eating Healthy Greens”

Check out the 20 Fun Ways You Can Add Raw Greens and Cruciferous Veggies to Your Diet

 1. Stealth Greens
 2. Pâtés
 3. Sorbets
 4. Cookies
 5. Juices
 6. Subs
 7. Wraps
 8. Chips & Dips
 9. Noodle Dishes
10. Soups

11. Stews
12. Green Smoothies
13. Slaws
14. Salads
15. Hot Dogs
16. Fondues
17. Thai Food
18. Spaghetti
19. Pizza
20. Raw Barbecue wings or Rawbecue Wings

What the “Yummy Greens System” is All About

NOTE: The beginning of this video is referring to the first video we uploaded at the top of the page. You can ignore the first few things I saw and just watch the first six minutes or so which will give you more of an idea of what Yummy Greens are about. The last part of the video is a repeat of the first video.

Just a Taste of What You'll Discover Inside of Yummy Greens

  • What NEVER to do with your blender
  • How to SNEAK lots of greens into your children's (and spouse's) food without them ever knowing
  • How to transform nutrient rich vegetables and greens into a mouth watering raw pizza without artery clogging cheese
  • A recipe so tantalizing that it makes raw cauliflower and broccoli disappear faster than a speeding bullet
  • The # 1 way to get your children to want to eat their greens
  • The biggest mistake parents make causing their kids to dislike greens
  • Quick secret for turning your oven into a low temperature dehydrator
  • Simple way to turn a salad into a dessert
  • How to trick finicky kids into eating their greens
  • Hypnotically persuade your children to eat greens with these three powerful psychological strategies

Pizza and Wings for Your Superbowl Party

Delicious raw pizza made with a special crust that's high in nutrients (and greens) and low in fat.

This is our super delicious Rawbecue Wings recipe. Interestingly enough it kind of looks like chicken.

“The Best Fondue Ever” - So Says Rainbow

The fondue recipe in the video above is an example of a Stealth Greens recipe, where you can't tell that there are any greens in the recipe at all.

My daughter Rainbow getting ready to dig into the non stealth version of the Best Fondue Ever recipe.

In this video we show you an edible raw Christmas tree. They're made with Honey Barbecue Kale Chips. Of course, you can make it much bigger and we plan to make a bigger or taller tree for Christmas.

Kale Chip Christmas Tree - Honey Barbecue Flavor

This is the original kale chips tree that Karmyn and is not the one used in the video at the left.

Andrew and Rainbow getting ready to pounce on our Best Fondue Ever recipe.

Our Muscle Sub Recipe

Mandarin Ginger Heart of Palm Salad

Yummy Green Spaghetti Lean

Another Stealth Greens recipe. Hard to tell that the pasta is made with super nutritious zucchini and not empty calorie wheat noodles.

Yummy Stuffed Tomatoes

Yet another Stealth Greens recipe. The greens are mixed in to the rich and delicious stuffing.

Spicy Thai Noodles

This is the great tasting raw Thai Food recipe we had for Thanksgiving. Of course, how spicy you make it is totally up to you.

St. Tropics Day Smoothie

Yummy Guacamole Wraps

Yummy Sorbet - This sorbet can very easily be modified into a Stealth Green and not look green.

“Here's a Sneaky Way to Make Your Kids (and Junk Food Addicted spouse) Beg You To Make Them More RAW Greens and Cruciferous Vegetables”

  • Do your kids avoid eating greens like the plague?
  • Are you frustrated because your spouse is a junk food junkie and ends up influencing you to eat unhealthy foods?
  • Or maybe you realize that greens are the ultimate superfoods but you're so addicted to junk food that you hardly ever eat them.

Aloha, this is Roger Haeske the Eternal Teenager.

Today I'd like to share with you something my family and I are are super excited about.

This is a recipe and psychological motivation system that could improve the way you and your family eats forever.

I'm about to share with you the secret to making super healthy food taste as good as your favorite junk foods but without the negative health consequences.

From barbeque wings to pizza to chips, dips and a whole lot more

Now there's a way to get your family to actually crave eating the healthiest foods on the planet raw greens and cruciferous veggies.

So let me ask you a question...

Are you sick and tired of eating salads day after day, month after month and year after year?

Don't You Wish There Was Another Way Besides Salads and Green Smoothies To Up Your Greens Intake?

Or worse yet, maybe you or your child actually claim to hate eating salads, broccoli and in general "food that's good for you."

And that's a shame because by eliminating greens and cruciferous vegetables they're increasing their chances for dieing younger, becoming  overweight and getting diseases of all kinds including cancer and heart disease.

Raw greens and cruciferous vegetables are the most nutritious superfoods on the planet. They're packed with healing vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fiber, water and all important phytochemicals.

Did you know that by eating certain greens you can dramatically lower your chance of getting cancer, heart disease and even the common cold?

And did you know that scientists have figured out that the people who eat the most greens are also the longest lived people?

Wouldn't it be great if you could make raw greens taste absolutely delicious and make it part of your lunches, dinner meals, as snacks and even desserts?

Imagine a way where you can make greens so delicious that even finicky adults and children (like my son Andrew) absolutely crave it.

In fact, they like it so much (like in our first video at the top of the page) that they actually stampede their way to eating it and stuff it in their mouths so fast that they're almost inhaling it.

How did we accomplish this?

By creating surprisingly delicious recipes that incorporate a load of greens and cruciferous vegetables.

But we took it a step further than that.

We also created something that I call "STEALTH GREENS"

These are delicious recipes that contain large amounts of greens in them but you can't see, smell, taste or even feel their texture in your mouth.

For when you're dealing with kids -- or adults for that matter... who say they hate greens, you have to be a bit sneaky at first.

Sometimes you need to be sneaky

Well let me tell you... I think I've got something that you and your family are going to absolutely adore.

It's our new and improved Yummy Greens System - Version 2.

We've come up with 20 exciting ways to prepare mouthwatering and ingenius
Yummy Greens recipes

Even junk food junkies will adore many of these recipes.

Who says that healthy foods have to taste boring or even taste badly?

That just isn't true anymore...

Below are what some happy customers have had to say about Yummy Greens

“I tried your Papate basic recipe last night and loved it”

I bought your YummyGreens programme for myself as I have been struggling with eating enough greens. I tried your Papate basic recipe last night and loved it, so I made another one this morning that I’m taking to work for lunch. I also have been implementing the idea of using (blank) and (blank), and having greens at every meal. Thanks for this programme, which I think will be very valuable in the long term.

From Second Email: And by the way, the Papate I made this morning was a great lunch.

- Francesca Coronin

“there’s a little nugget of gold in each one…lots of useful information”

Hi there Roger

I’m really enjoying all the Yummy Greens emails – even though I don’t have any children, there’s a little nugget of gold in each one…lots of useful information.

Thanks for all the great recipes, nutritional info and advice I’ve gotten from you over the past two and a bit years via your SVS, emails, website and now Yummy Greens. What you do, adds to my life immeasurably – I am really grateful and only wish there was more!

Much Love

- Em Lace

“this really is a program that’s good for people with or without kids alike”

Hey Roger,

Just to let you know I’ve been thoroughly enjoying the Yummy Greens emails. Even though I wont be a papa until a few months from now still, and our son’s gona be growing up seeing us eat greens everyday and actually like it, I’m sure these tricks are going to come in handy.

One can always use more greens in their diet, so this really is a program that’s good for people with or without kids alike.


- Julien Ménard

“I’m a professionally trained Nutritionist and always appreciate that kind of information”

I recently ordered your new Yummy Greens program, and your last email to the Yummy Greens customers (Do Children Need Extra Fat in Their Diet?) made me respond.

Personally, I have no problem eating lots of greens — I find them to be quite tasty (prepared in a certain way to my liking). I eat greens pretty much at every meal, especially during winter time. Even though I live in a warm and sunny Florida, I’ve noticed that, for some reason, I have increased desire for greens during winter. Basically, I eat a great variety of greens on a regular basis and enjoy it (it has NOT always been that way). I partially attribute my success on a low-fat raw vegan diet (no cravings, no desire to eat cooked food, etc) to the fact that I eat sufficent amount of greens to meet my nutritional needs.

So, I ordered your new Yummy Greens program for research, ideas and inspiration. And, as usual, I have not been disappointed. I love your stuff, Roger! I truly do! It was interesting and quite refreshing to read about your definition of raw greens (which makes a lot of sense to me), and the info on Nutrient Completeness Score was spot on. I’m a professionally trained Nutritionist and always appreciate that kind of information.

- Vlada Divine

Here's What You Get In The "Yummy Greens System"

1. Yummy Greens Un-Cookbook 2.0 - 38 Recipes - PDF Format

How to get even finicky eaters and junk food junkies to love eating greens. You get 20 different types or categories of recipes made with greens. Including our Stealth Greens category which completely disguises the greens content. This goes way beyond salads and green smoothies.

2. How to Make Your Raw Recipes Come Out Consistently Great Even If You Don't Have the Best Ingredients - Special Report - PDF format

The variable quality and taste of raw ingredients due to seasonal availability (like tomatoes for example) makes it difficult to produce consistent recipe results year in and year out. This guide will show you several secrets for bypassing this problem. This will help to make your raw recipes taste pretty darn good even if some of your recipe ingredients just aren't up to par.

3. How to Hypnotize your Children into Loving Healthy Foods - Special Report - PDF format
In this report I write about several subliminal persuasion strategies to make your kids actually want to eat healthy foods. This is the psychological aspect of Yummy Greens. And many of these strategies you can use to motivate adults as well but not all of them.

I've used many of these techniques with my son Andrew and they have been highly effective.

This is information taken directly from the original Yummy Greens emails. And very important if you want to raise healthy kids who love to eat healthy foods.

4. Guest Yummy Greens Recipes - PDF format

We also have some Yummy Greens style recipes submitted to us by original Yummy Greens customers. This will be made into a separate PDF file.

5. What's A Green? You Might Be Surprised - Special Report PDF format

There are a number of different foods I include in the greens category. Some are not green and some are not vegetables but they are all super nutritious.

Yes there is even a sweet raw green that my kids, Karmyn and myself love eating as a mono meal snack which is also super nutrient dense and loaded with protein.

And there is another raw green that's actually a fruit and has somewhat of a popcorn like texture.

“Double Your Greens” Guarantee

Listen... I know from experience with lots of friends and family members that Yummy Greens are addictive.  Even finicky children and adults who don't normally like greens will really enjoy many of the Stealth Greens recipes.

So here's what I propose.

Make the Yummy Greens recipes and use the psychological motivation strategies for 30 days, if you (or any member of your family) don't double your average greens intake then I'll personally guide you with a half hour telephone, Skype or email consultation.

I'll give you customized instructions and tips for your unique situation (and location) so that even the finickiest member of your household will enjoy eating nutritious greens and cruciferous vegetables. The value of the half hour consultation itself is easily worth more than 3x the price of the Yummy Greens System.

NOTE: The consultation can only be about Yummy Greens recipes and the Yummy Greens System.

Yes Roger, Please Give Me INSTANT ACCESS To The "Yummy Greens System" which includes...

1. Yummy Greens Un-Cookbook 2.0 - 38 Recipes - PDF Format

2. How to Make Your Raw Recipes Come Out Consistently Great Even If You Don't Have the Best Ingredients - Special Report - PDF format

3. How to Hypnotize your Children into Loving Healthy Foods - Special Report - PDF format

4. Guest Yummy Greens Recipes - PDF format

5. What's A Green? You Might Be Surprised - Special Report PDF format

6. How to Turn Your Oven Into a Dehydrator for About 7 Bucks - Special Report - PDF format - Works on any oven in which you can control the temperature regardless of what the lowest temperature setting is.

7. Powerful Natural Chemotherapy Nutrient Found in Certain Greens without the Debilitating Side Effects - Special Resource

  • The process is such a potent cancer cell killer it has actually been patented.
  • Medical Marijuana Substitute: a 100% legal, cheap (and just as effective) for pain relief
  • Beat the common cold and flu because of it's also a powerful antibiotic proven to kill bacteria and viruses.

8. Do Children Need Extra Fat In Their Diet? - Bonus Report - PDF Format

I understand I'll be downloading the entire "Yummy Greens System." As written PDF files. This means I can even order at 2am in the morning and get instant access.

Regular Price = $47.00

Yummy Greens

Roger Haeske
The Cooked Food Addiction Buster
Making the Raw Food Diet Effortless through Tastiness

P.S. If you have any questions about Yummy Greens or have a customer support issue please feel free to email us here:

support ( at ) superbeing ( dot ) com

Just make sure to use standard email format for the email address above.

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